Virus Removal

Once your computer or smartphone has been exposed to a malicious virus, it may produce a barrage of pop-ups ads, turn sluggish or crash, and delete data. The moment you realize your computer or smartphone has been compromised, your blood turns cold, and what was just an anxious moment can turn into hours, even days, of unnerving panic.

Our team of professionals is a leading provider of virus removal and data recovery services in Fort Worth, Southlake, and nearby areas, available when and where you need us. If you believe your computer or smartphone has a virus, the sooner you contact Computer CPR, the easier it will be to stop the infection and recover and protect your data.

Data Recovery

Overall, our Data Recovery Services are mostly designed for corporations and business. In Chennai, we target healthcare institutions, companies in the tourisms industry, auto manufacturers, and several other service providers in various niches. Common problems that we help our clients resolve include recovering lost data as a result of drive mechanical problems, accidental formatting or deletion, physical damage due to drops or exposure to external factors like fire. Additionally, Techchef Data Recovery Experts in Chennai have the necessary resources for more complex recovery tasks like Retrieving Data from Tape Drives and transferring it to new storage technologies.

Chip Service

We have four branches in Chennai as Velachery, Anna Nagar, Tambaram and Nungambakkam. We are servicing all Kinds of computer peripherals chip level services. Our technicians are one of the leading motherboard chip level service center in over all Chennai. We are providing all kind of mother boards service. We providing chip level service for many reputed clients across all over Chennai. We offer these chip level motherboard services at competitive prices as compared to other service providers in the market. We do all kind of motherboard chip level services for laptops of all brands, with same quality and particular time.No display. System dead. Audio not working. Battery not charging. System getting hang. USB port not working. System getting mute.Serial port not working. Keyboard control section problem. CD Drive control section problem. Hard disk control section problem. Memory control section problem.

Broken Laptop

Modern lives, both professional and personal depend on the use of many essential gadgets. The most important of them is the laptop, which drives the day-to-day lifestyle of almost all of us. When your laptop is broken, or has some repair, it can put a full stop to your daily activities. Ram Infotech offers the most reliable and timely Broken Laptop Service, through which all kinds of damages like damage to the plastic panel, partially or fully broken panel, damages to the hinges or any kinds of structural deformations can be corrected. You can get your broken laptop repaired in record time from Ram Infotech and our proficient team of experts.

One of the most popular laptop service centers in Chennai, Ram Infotech offers high-quality Broken Laptop Services for any make and model. Trust your sensitive and high-end laptops in the expert hands of professionals from Ram Infotech.

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